Code du bénévolat

1. Introduction

Na Comhluadair Bheo, Cuideachta faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta, means ‘The Living Communities, a company limited by guarantee’.  It is run and assisted by Volunteers.  We work to empower disadvantaged people in attaining cultural and economic improvement.  Volunteers, in different fields, work to Designated Members (Team Leaders), who report to the Company Board.

At this time, the focus of attention is on the Celtic minority.  Gaelic civilisation espoused the principles: Glaine ár gCroí, Neart ár nGéag agus Beart de réir ár mBriathar.  Thus the values of honesty, fortitude and discipline guided a stable, prosperous society for over a thousand years.

All Volunteers shall read this Code and their acceptance of it shall be recorded. The Board assures its co-workers of the appreciation of their generosity and of a commitment to make their experience rewarding.

2. Procedures

Procedures for Volunteers, to ensure a professional output, are as follows:

  • as the project progresses, work will require periodic in-puts from the Board, Designated Members and Volunteers (in the rôles, eg, of linguists, creativity and legal advisers, historians, accountants or computer specialists);
  • any communication to a Volunteer, from another Volunteer, will be answered within seventy-two hours, or a holding note supplied;
  • if a Volunteer has to cease work temporarily, notification of this must be made, in advance, to a Designated Member or to the Board;
  • informal meetings (real or virtual, eg via Skype) are held, as required, to review and guide the operation; and
  • when a Volunteer cannot attend such a meeting, s/he sends an alternate or provides briefing, as appropriate.

Our operating in the commercial arena makes adherence to these procedures necessary, in order to avoid disadvantageous consequences.   

3. Appointment of Volunteers

Applicant Volunteers will have their offers dealt with promptly.  Details of a referee to be contacted may be sought.  New Volunteers are warmly welcomed by all.  Their roles are agreed by the Board, on a case-by-case basis.

4. Understandings with Volunteers

Volunteers shall subscribe to the aims and values set out in this Code.  They will work in an innovative and trustworthy environment, gaining substantive experience.  They will not be asked to do anything burdensome. They will have adequate time and personal capacity for what they do.

The Board shall oversee all line activity.  Volunteers shall be contactable, eg by telephone, Skype or e-mail, for the advancement of the project.  Contact details shall be held, as necessary, by Board Members, Designated Members and Line Volunteers. 

The Board will be cognisant of the contributions of Volunteers and so be ready to advance their personal interests.  Volunteers shall explain, to their Designated Member or to the Board, any difficulties which they meet - in good time and in a forthright manner. 

If a matter arise which may indicate the discontinuation of a Volunteer's service, the Board shall give a ruling, having discussed the matter at least twice, and having listened to relevant parties.

5. Volunteer Insurance

The Company carries out work of an essentially intellectual nature.  Volunteers choose the place where they work.  Communication between Volunteers is via electronic means.  Volunteers accept that material elements of risk do not arise and that no Public Liability Insurance is required.  When a Volunteer visits or works with other people, on a Company project, s/he accepts this to be in the nature of social activity.

6. Volunteer Rights and Involvement

An applicant Volunteer, having read this Code, has the right to withdraw his/her application.

Volunteers may attend training sessions, meetings and social functions, run by the Company and associated organisations, such as Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, Boardmatch Ireland, Volunteering Ireland and The Wheel.  Volunteers on different tasks and in different countries will be introduced to one another, by such means as are convenient.

Volunteers may seek to change their workload at any time.  They have a right to privacy and confidentiality, in accordance with their wishes, subject to agreement by their Designated Member.  They may resign at any time, with or without notice being given.  Leaving the Team without communication will be seen, nonetheless, as a poor legacy by the disadvantaged people who look to us. 

This Volunteer Code is an Agreement binding in honour only: it is not a legally binding contract.  Clear, timely communications, courtesy and understanding, between all of us Volunteers, is the cultured and professional norm to which we aspire.  Public communications are the function of the Board. 

On this project, Volunteers will not discriminate or encounter discrimination on grounds of gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, race or membership of the Traveller Community.  Upon request, they will receive a written reference covering their performance when they leave, following at least one year of continuous service.

7. Volunteer Responsibilities

Volunteers should diligently carry out assigned work, in a way which corresponds to our aims and values.  The work is aimed at the betterment of the lives of others and should be viewed with a sense of social responsibility.  In the spirit of volunteering, all those who work with us should cultivate mature, robust and friendly relationships with other Volunteers.

If delays with work arise, the Designated Member should be informed, as soon as possible. 

The Company advances new principles of cultural and economic empowerment and of environmental management.  The substantive research underlying the philosophies espoused is original.  Volunteers are encouraged to appreciate the value and fundamental importance of their contributions to the overall project and what good it can bring about.


 Board of Na Comhluadair Bheo, Cuideachta faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta,                                                         


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